Jazz In The Arts mission is to promote, preserve, and encourage the 
development and education of jazz music, art, dance, spoken word, culture and heritage of communities in Louisiana. 


Objectives supporting the mission statement are:

    ~  To provide and encourage the youth of Southwest Louisiana to pursue higher education in jazz studies.

​    ~  To sustain and increase recognition and financial support to talented youth through scholarships and other

    ~  ​To sponsor four jazz productions per year which will be predominantly concerts, with dance and the spoken word      incorporated. 

    ~  To sponsor one annual dinner dance concert per year.

    ~  To be recognized as a significant cultural asset by the local community.

    ~  To create opportunities for children and adults to develop talents in all aspects of jazz entertainment.​

    ~  To develop and draw from local talent to the maximum extent possible.

    ~  To enhance development of youth in jazz arts through cooperative ventures with local schools via
           ​workshops and sharing of resources.

    ~  To incorporate national and global entertainment ​​through festivals, programs and other cultural, ​educational, civic    and economic activities while presenting quality family entertainment.​


Chester Daigle $1,000 Scholarship Fund and The Jones Family $500 Scholarship Fund.  Scholarships are given to graduating high school seniors that show proficiency for jazz music. The student must acquire the following qualifications:

          ~  The student must be a graduating high school senior with aspirations of attending a credited college or
               university of their choice.

          ~  The student must enroll into a credited college or university beginning with the fall semester following
        ​       high school graduation.

          ~  The student must pursue studies in music through a credited college or university of his/her choice.

          ~  The student must have at least a 2.5 gpa or better.

          ~  The student must be involved in the music program at his/her high school for at least two years.

          ~  The student will be selected by the music instructor, and then submitted to the “Jazz In The Arts”

          Educational Jazz Workshops. Jazz In The Arts will heighten and develop the awareness of jazz music and jazz talents in all aspects by conducting educational jazz workshops to youth in Middle and High Schools. 

          Jazz Music Educational Development for Youth. Jazz In The Arts will provide additional supplementary educational materials to the music programs in Middle and High Schools. This will further enhance the knowledge and awareness of jazz music and talents among youth.

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